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The Prince & Princess Cheongsam – Samfu 2020 / Ambassador 2020 kids catwalk & talent competition and the International Charity Bazaar 2020 was officially launched at a press conference which was held at ParisZki Talent’s Touch Studio in Ukay Heights today.

Both events will be held simultaneously at the Quill City Mall in Kuala Lumpur from 10.00 am to 9.00 pm daily on 1st and 2nd February 2020, and will feature a variety of activities that will include kids competitions, festival fashion shows, dances, workshops, a charity bazaar, live performances and lucky draws. Performing live at the event will be TV3’s Mentor Legenda finalist Sarah Fazny, celebrated singer-songwriter Hasnol Ariff, upcoming child singer Yuba Boukendoul and Malaysian boy band Outbreak. Among the fashion shows presented will be by Luire, Tradisindo and Kurasi, and a special “Trend Kebaya 2020” showcase by Rumah Kebaya Malaysia. The workshops will feature programs such as Carribean & Arabic Cooking Style, Austrian Pancakes in the Making, Italian Cooking Show, Italian Decoupaged, Soap Making and Henna Painting, among others.

The main event which is the Prince & Princess Cheongsam-Samfu 2020 / Ambassador 2020 competition will be divided over two days. The first day will see participants competing in the talent competition while day two will focus on modelling. The talent competition is open to participants who will be given the opportunity to showcase their talents in singing, music, dancing, magic and other variety acts.

The following categories which will be in contention at the Prince & Princess Cheongsam-Samfu 2020 competition are as follows:

– Mini Miss Cheongsam (3 – 7 years-old)

– Mini Mr Samfu (3 – 7 years-old)

– Little Miss Cheongsam (8 – 12 years-old)

– Little Mr Samfu (8 – 12 years-old)

– Miss Pre-Teen Cheongsam (13 – 17 years-old)

– Mr Pre-Teen Samfu (13 – 17 years-old)

– Miss Cheongsam (18 years-old & above)

– Mr Samfu (18 years-old & above)

– Grandma/Mom & Grandchild/Child Cheongsam/Samfu Walk

– Talent

Ambassador Awards 2020 will also be presented at the competition with the following up for grabs:

Ambassador Award – Talent’s Touch Studi

Ambassador Award – Asia Pacific Prince & Princess 2020

Ambassador Award – Club Yummy Mummy

Ambassador Award – Quill City Mall 2020

Ambassador Award – C Plan 2020

Ambassador Award – Laffa Wedding Beauty 2020

Two Grand Champions will represent Malaysia at the C Plan Kids Supermodels finals in Beijing, China, and also at the Asia Pacific Prince & Princess 2020 finals in Melaka.

The two-day International Charity Bazaar 2020 will host around 25 vendors, with proceeds being donated to Pertubuhan Sayang Malaysia (PERSAMA), which is focused on helping children with special needs, especially autism..

Also launched at the press conference is the Asia Pacific Prince & Princess 2020 Finals which will be held in June 2020 at the historic city of Melaka. It will be the very first time, the popular and well respected international kids competition, will be hosted in Malaysia, with ParisZki Talent’s Touch given the priviledge and trust to organise it. The international competition will see talented delegates from more than 30 countries from across Asia Pacific vying for honors in our country.

The Asia Pacific Prince & Princess Fashion Week 2020 which will be staged in Kuala Lumpur on April 2020, was also announced during the press conference. The first batch of 21 kid models from Malaysia were revealed to the members of the media during the event.

They are:

  1. Chanel Chan
  2. Mumtaz Farha
  3. Carlson Low
  4. Carrison Hoi
  5. Chelyssa Hoi
  6. Nur Ilyasha Qistina
  7. Nikki Tou
  8. Sophia Hiley
  9. Kyzer Tou
  10. Sheryan Aisha
  11. Suraya Tasha
  12. Jayden Ng
  13. Adebella Ng
  14. Isabelle Tan
  15. Rami Darman
  16. Ku Puteri Ameera
  17. Bong You You
  18. Paris Boukendoul
  19. Khusna Tamadhania
  20. Kyla
  21. Yuba Boukendoul

The press conference also saw the announcement of the collaboration between upcoming child singer Yuba Boukendoul and celebrated singer-songwriter and producer Hasnol Ariff. Hasnol will be producing an Asian music album for Yuba, who is of Malaysian-Chinese and Algerian descent, The album which features songs in Malay, English and Chinese, is targeted for the Malaysia and also China markets. It  is expected to be released in July 2020. Yuba is the Prince & Princess 2019 International Champion and also the Global Champion of Star Macao International.

The press confernce was concluded with the announcement of flamboyant film producer, actress, editor and writer Godmot as Patron and Mentor for the competition.

Prince & Princess Cheongsam-Samfu 2020 is organised by ParisZki Talent’s Touch and co-organised by Yummy Mummy Club.

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