Sunday , December 3 2023

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Rockaway Malaysia MotoGP Weekend Will Now Be Merged Into A One-Day Affair To Be Held On October 29

The Livescape Group today announced the merger of both the Rockaway Malaysia MotoGP Weekend shows to a one day explosive rock festival on October 29 at B Hillstand, Sepang International Circuit. The festival, which was originally meant to be a two-day affair, will now see Scorpions, Wolfmother, The Darkness, Wings, and …

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Rockaway Malaysia MotoGP Weekend Unveils Its Complete Line Up

The Livescape Group today announced the addition of The Darkness, Oh Chentaku, and Deja Voodoo Spells feat. Bumblefoot  and the 11 Piece Book of Spells Orchestra  to the Rockaway Malaysia MotoGP Weekend; a two day event held at Sepang International Circuit on October 29 & 30. The Rockaway Malaysia MotoGP Weekend is the first of two …

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