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Tony Roma’s recreates its BBQ Grilled Chicken with a ‘new’ twist

One thing that every meat lover can always count on is that special, mouth-watering sauce to go with any good piece of meat. But, what exactly makes the sauce so special? Is it the texture or the thickness of the sauce that makes it so delicious? Or is it just about the sauce having the right amount of depth in flavor that gives it its uniqueness and quality? Whichever it may be, Tony Roma’s knows best when it comes to pairing a good piece of meat with the right sauce.

For a limited time only, Tony Roma’s Saucy BBQ Grilled Chicken menu offers three new and bold sauces which comprises the New Pepsi BBQ Sauce – a caramel sweet smoky flavored sauce with a hint of spices, the Peppercorn Sauce – a rich creamy peppercorn flavored sauce with a hint of apple, and the Texas Spicy Sauce – made with fresh ingredients and has a hint of chili and light sweet tomato flavor.

Tony Roma’s Saucy BBQ Grilled Chicken menu offers not one but THREE amazing entrée, namely ¼ Saucy BBQ Grilled Chicken with Filet Medallions (RM65.50*), ¼ Saucy BBQ Grilled Chicken with Bountiful Beef Ribs (RM85.50*), and Half Saucy BBQ Grilled Chicken (RM45.50*). Guests can pair their BBQ Grilled Chicken with a sauce of their choice and it is served with bread and two sides. The sides include broccoli, loaded mashed potatoes, rice, fire-roasted vegetables, corn on the cob, and baked potato.

Tony Roma’s Saucy BBQ Grilled Chicken

Irene Tiong, Brand General Manager of Tony Roma’s Malaysia, said, “Having good grilling and cooking skills are undeniably the core of barbecue. But, if you do not have the right support – in this case, the right sauce, to accommodate your barbecue, you will never be able to take your customers’ taste buds to new heights. This is why Tony Roma’s continues to find more ways to push boundaries in the culinary world.”

While waiting for the entrée, guests can enjoy Tony Roma’s Scrumptious Salads which includes the classic Strawberry Walnut Salad (RM23.90*) – freshly sliced strawberries, roasted walnuts, and feta cheese on a fresh bed of greens with a lovely strawberry vinaigrette dressing, and the similarly altered Hawaiian Salad (RM28.00*) – grilled emerald that is glazed with Mojo sauce on a bed of lettuce topped with fresh pineapple salsa, walnuts, cilantro, and an exquisite Hawaiian dressing.

Tony Romas Saucy BBQ Grilled Chicken

For RM10.90* each, guests can quench their thirst with bottomless drinks such as Mirinda Strawberry, Revive, Mountain Dew, Lipton Ice Lemon Tea, 7Up, Pepsi Light, and the new Pepsi. In addition, Tony Roma’s will be giving a complimentary can of new Pepsi for every purchase of Saucy BBQ Grilled Chicken with the New Pepsi BBQ Sauce and new Pepsi beverage.

From now to 22nd April 2018, you can treat yourself to Tony Roma’s Saucy BBQ Grilled Chicken promotion menu every day at any time including weekends and public holidays at all Tony Roma’s outlets. The offer is not applicable with any other on-going promotions, discounts, vouchers, and offers.

*All prices quoted in Ringgit Malaysia (RM), inclusive of 10% service charge & GST.

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