2016 CNBLUE Live “Come Together” In Bangkok

Wait a little .. Early next year, which is imminent !! Saturday, January 16, 2559, they brought me to the concert , “2016 CNBLUE Live [Cumbia Two packet router] in Bangkok” (2016 CNBLUE LIVE [COME TOGETHER] IN BANGKOK) invested filled by people. Thailand is a good company profiles Fe Ohrid Ltd. (Feoh Co., Ltd.) is supported by mineral DeGeneres (Minéré, 100% Natural Mineral Water) with these partners. More W Bangkok (W BANGKOK HOTEL) and Novotel Bangkok IMPACT (NOVOTEL BANGKOK IMPACT HOTEL) This latest front-man handsome Jung Yong Hwa (Jung Yong Hwa) leader “, CNT’s. Blue “(CNBLUE) also recently sent a reply, Thailand fans via Twitter. twitter.com/jyheffect that “Bangkok !!!!!!!!!!! wait wait !!” shall confirm that. He came to me .. Buy tickets on Warmly not wait !!!!

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Another specialty is the organizer of the event. Effects of Ohrid given to fans who have tickets 2016 CNBLUE LIVE [COME TOGETHER] IN BANGKOK already in his possession. Whether it is a full price – whichever zone. You have a chance to win a Lucky Draw ‘Autographed Pass’ neck identity card, which has only four artists in the world. The members Jung Yong Hwa (Jung Yong Hwa), Lee Jong Hyun (Lee Jong Hyun), Kang Min Hyuk (Kang Min Hyuk) and Lee Jung Shin (Lee Jung Shin) will pen to autograph fresh. Given as a precious gift of the money to buy it, did not sign it! Real deal! In concert Added the extras to fans Only four winners, which will be transformed into a synthesizer de Arellano, who was ‘a force’ with envy !! Who has not had to hurry and buy the new year celebrations in 2016, then do not forget to celebrate six years Boice world has known four young CNBLUE officially through the first song, I’m a Loner (CNBLUE released. I’m a Loner music video for the first time on 14 January 2553) invites the boys in blue. Team CNBLUE all those gathered here together! Dancing together !! And scream together !! In full concert “in 2016 CNBLUE Live [Cumbia two skating area] in Bangkok” (2016 CNBLUE LIVE [COME TOGETHER] IN BANGKOK) Saturday, January 16, 2559 at 18: 00-20. 00 hrs. at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani Tickets 1800/2800/3500/4500 (sitting and standing) and 5500 baht.

Band Members

Jung Yong Hwa
Lee Jong Hyun
Kang Min Hyuk
Lee Jung Shin


Ticketing Information:

Ticket Prices:

1,800, 2,800, 3,500, 4,500 & 5,500 Baht

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Ticketing Hotline: +660 22623456
Online Booking: www.thaiticketmajor.com/

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