Bestnya Bersama ‘A’ Music Festival

Bestnya Bersama _A_ Music Festival - PosterLife in the 21st century is a fast-paced one; every day seems to be passing by faster than the previous days and sometimes we get too busy for our loved ones and friends. In conjunction with the recent launch of the sleek Samsung GALAXY A smartphones, Samsung Malaysia Electronics initiated the unique Bestnya Bersama campaign that aims to us to get together with our favourite people.

“Samsung enables the democratisation of technology and innovation and continually anticipates people’s needs to create meaningful and relevant experiences. Part of that drive inspired the creation of the Bestnya Bersama campaign that culminates in the Bestnya Bersama “A” Music Festival that aims to create an unforgettable evening celebrating music and immortalising the moment through the GALAXY A smartphone’s camera features. Using the Wide Selfie and music as a unifying bond, we aim to bring together youth from around Malaysia in a celebration of togetherness, “said Lee Jui Siang, Vice President, Mobile, IT and Digital Imaging, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

The Bestnya Bersama “A” Music Festival

The ‘Bestnya Bersama’ campaign includes the much anticipated Bestnya Bersama “A” Music Festival which will see acts from the GALAXY A Series’ A Team comprising of top notch home grown talents who will be performing an exclusive song set for the first time on the 14th of March. In line with the theme of celebrating togetherness, the bands and singers will be collaborating and fusing the genres that they represent to ensure that it will be an extraordinary night.

The exciting line-up for the Bestnya Bersama “A” Music Festival includes internet sensation Najwa Latif, beatboxer Shawn Lee, pop princess Ke Qing, rock indie band Paperplane Pursuit, jazzy soul singer Liyana Fizi and dynamic rock band An Honest Mistake with special appearances by popular singer-cum-actor Izzue Islam and social influencer Venice Min.

Promising to be a night that will be talked about for weeks to come, in addition to the music line-up mentioned above, there will also be special guest singers performing that night namely Juztin Lan, Forteen, Hyper Act and Faizal Tahir. It is not a night to be missed.

The Wide Selfie Trend

Leading the way in the Wide Selfie trend, the recently launched Samsung GALAXY A is designed with innovative camera features; an enhanced 5MP front-facing camera that lets you take a fantastic wide angled shot up to 120° degree with a group of your favourite people. The GALAXY A7, GALAXY A5 and the GALAXY A3 are Samsung’s slimmest line of smartphones that deliver powerful performance, beautiful design and is ready to meet all your day-to-day needs.

Head to the nearest Samsung Authorised Dealers and check out which of the GALAXY A3, A5 or A7 will suit you best.

The Bestnya Bersama “A” Music Festival will be held on 14th of March 2014 at Carpark B, Bukit Jalil Stadium. On the same day, the GALAXY A owners and GALAXY Life users are given a chance to redeem free tickets to the concerts. Last but not least, the music festival-goers will be thrilled to know there will be tickets up for grabs on the 14th of March at the ticketing counters through our radio partners, FlyFM, HotFM and oneFM.

For more detailed device information and on the Bestnya Bersama campaign as well as the Bestnya Bersama “A” Music Festival, please visit or follow us on Samsung Mobile Malaysia’s Facebook page at


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