Led by Best Actor Shun Oguri, this is the first live-action tele-movie in Detective Conan SP. The plot takes place when Shinichi Kudo (Shun Oguri) was still a regular high-school student, before being poisoned by strange men in black who turned him into the diminutive Conan. On the night before his class trip, he finds a letter of challenge stating that one kid will be kidnapped during the trip with the message: “If you are able to prevent it, you win. But if you fail, I win. You will then have to give up your title of high-school detective”. When Sonoko (Mayuko Iwasa) vanishes, he must use his detective skill to find her and protect other students.

dimsum is currently available in Malaysia and Brunei, now supports Chromecast and AirPlay for subscribers to binge-watch all on TV, with subscription priced at only RM15 a month. Download dimsum app today from Apple App Store or Google Play Store or stream directly from All new subscribers will enjoy 30 days of free access to stream the best of Asia.

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