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Avid runners will have a treat in store on the 3rd of April, 2016, as the first ever Malaysian edition of the world-famous SongkRUN by Biotherm water run will be held at Sepang International Circuit, Putrajaya.

Billed as the “first ever water fun run with music festival”, SongkRUN combines an un-timed and un-competitive fun run with the spirit of splashing water that makes running with no sweat! Participants will be navigating a 5 kilometres course that promises to completely drench all runners from head to toe.

SongkRUN - Pic

Expecting 8,000 participants will be part of the water run with music festival, the fun run features 5 stages of “water and music zones” each combining a genre of music with a new and creative way of getting people soaking wet yet enjoying the moment. For example, the first station which sponsored by Biotherm, allows participants to bathe in a water shower while grooving with pop songs, and the final station will see them storm through icy experience to the thumping sound of dance music.

To top it off, after finishing the run the participants will arrive at the official SongkRUN music festival featuring well-known musicians and DJs such as Nikki, XU, Twinkies and Dennis Lau.

The run is the vision of the SongkRUN founding company, Six Foot Yellow Worldwide (SFY), is designed to offer Malaysians the chance to have outdoor bonding moment with friends, family and kids to experience a cross cultural fitness event.

“The SongkRUN Water Run in April is one of the most unique event this year because it allows people to let their hair down, lose their inhibitions and, in the process, connect with their friends, family and community in a new way”, shared by Mr Andrew Lee, Founder of the SongkRUN, who added that parallel events have been planned in for other countries in the year 2016/17.

SongkRUN - Andrew Lee

“It will be more than just a run, it is an experience that participants will bring home with lots of joyful moments and I believe this celebration will bring back our childhood reminisces to some runners like myself!”, added Jaden Teoh, Co-founder of SongkRUN.

The run would not be possible without great support from sponsors who recognized the positive impact of the event.

“Water is the origin of life. Seems very fitting for Biotherm to be the title sponsor of this first ever water run in Malaysia. As the pioneer in skin biology since 1952, Biotherm uses the life-giving force of these aquatic ingredients in advanced skincare solutions”, said Ms. Sukie Ng, Brand Manager of Biotherm Malaysia.

“#LIVEMORE epitomises Biotherm rebranding journey to a fitter and active lifestyle. And together with the life power of water from Biotherm, we can achieve a healthier, natural beauty. Therefore, we would like to encourage more people to live life to the fullest and one of the experiences is through SongkRUN”, added Ng.

Biotherm will be setting up specialize booth during SongkRUN to share more interesting ways to keep your skin hydrated and healthier.

To join in what promises to be the event of the year, participants can register at, where they will get a choice of two race packs. The standard pack includes an official race T-shirt, waterproof pouch, wristband and a medal, while the shooter pack includes additional full-size water gun that can be reloaded at filling stations along the course and in the party zone.

Participants can also promote their attendance to their friends by liking and sharing the SongkRUN Facebook fanpage –


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