Wednesday , December 7 2022

IV Russian Film Week

Following the three years success of being the film festival’s host held within Singapore, the Russia-Singapore Business Council (RSBC) are taking a leap across borders to showcase their movies. This year, Malaysia is proudly hosting the IV Russian Film Week for the very first nation out of the festival’s country of origin.
The Russian Film Week is an event organized on an annual basis for the past three years in Singapore by the Russian Singapore Business Council.The festival is to further spread the art and culture of Russia, giving the audience a glimpse of the countries landscape and visual arts via the five movies that are being showcased. The film week also puts forth the business trade opportunity and is to strengthen economic ties.
There would be 5 films showcased during this year’s festival at TGV Suria KLCC, between the 1st November 2022 till the 3rd November 2022. Titles that are being premiered are 11 Silent Men, Everything All Right, Son of a Rich, The Big Deal and From Grief to Joy. The movies are open to the public for free, and tickets are available via EventBrite.
Alongside the National Program Within The Family, RSBC has included several trade partners in this venture to make the program a success. In support of organizing the event, Prevail Productions Sdn. Bhd. has been appointed as the representative and the film distributor in Malaysia.
The Deputy Chairman, Executive Director of RSBC, Dr. Sergey Pronin further emphasized “We believe it is important to the overall art and culture to be widely inclusive, hence the RSBC takes privilege to widespread art, culture and trade relationships via hosting this film festival and other activities as part of our initiatives’.
The take away from this film festival would be:
The diversity in storytelling across nations
Exposure to the landscape of other countries
The experience of being part of the film festival
An arena to enjoy with friends, family and colleagues
Establishing the unity through media
Tickets Avallability
Tickets are available via our ticketing partners, Eventbrite at For more Information about the event, we are on instagram: eroductions sdn bhd/ and facebook:

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