Jamaica’s Tmrw.Tday Fest

A better TMRW begins TDAY on the stunning Caribbean beaches of Jamaica as the Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest kicks off its Inaugural gathering this May 17-23. Best known for its 7-mile beach, Negril will serve as home base for Tmrw.Tday which will encompass all things music, wellness, gastronomy, environmental activism, and island adventure inviting sun drenched attendees to seek a higher purpose during a week-long, paradisiacal exploration.

Complementing the eclectic mix of musical acts, sunset drum circles, and beachside parties are world-renowned pioneers of wellness, progressive education, culinary arts and global activism. These global leaders will journey to the spiritual hub of Negril, Irie Soul Beach to engage in enticing workshops to help bring awareness to current political, economic and environmental issues and explore ways to counteract the current state of affairs. Leading the brigade is International Wellness Ambassador David Wolfe, co-founder of TheBestDayEver.com and founder and president of the non-profit The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation charity. As part of his contribution to the inaugural global gathering, David Wolfe will host a Cacao Ceremony and Dance Party in addition to a Farm-to-Table Dinner Series.

“I love Tmrw.Tday’s focus on health, wellness and yoga, and the arts, and this style of cultural immersion is a fresh way to elevate the lives of attendees. I love Jamaica, and am excited to return after 16 years. I am also excited to partake in Jamaican food, roots and herbs” – David Wolfe

Also found on Irie Soul Beach is a daily series of holistic workshops, fitness sessions, and meditations curated by Irie Soul Program Directors and self-care guides Stacy Chang-Christoforou and Gillian B. who will deliver a message of empowerment, holistic health, yoga, spirituality and self-love to the diverse platform of offerings. Founder of Irie Soul, Stacy Chang-Christoforou will lead attendees on a journey to self-discovery in addition to celebrating her Jamaican heritage throughout the diverse programming. As part of the wellness schedule for the festival’s first foray, participants are invited to push the boundaries of their current practices by diving into unique classes such as Sunset Acro Yoga led by Toronto-based performance duo, the Acro Buddhas. Combining the ancient practice of yoga with acrobatics to make movements that work together harmoniously, Acro Buddhas Miranda and Ryan will host beginners’ workshops to teach their practice alongside showcasing their advanced moves during nightly sunset performances.

Broadening the mind, body and spirit within the confines of Tmrw.Tday lies a trove of unique daily offerings and activations designed to help attendees carve out a more conscious lifestyle – for participants of all ages. Activities such as Konscious Kids’ Beach Day led by 16-year old motivational speaker, youth health activist, vegan chef and descendent of Jamaican parents Haile Thomas: the youngest certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Inviting revelers to consider alternative ways of life, Tmrw.Tday’s immersive events will also facilitate a progressive movement geared towards natural healing, environmental preservation and sustainability.

Further festival highlights include thought-provoking events that propel groundbreaking movements such as the Rastafarian speaker series with visionaries Ras Iyah V, President of the Ganja Farmers Association of Westmoreland and Balram Vaswani, CEO of Ganja Inc. and a special screening of internationally-acclaimed, feature-length adventure documentary A Plastic Ocean created by Plastic Oceans Foundation, the official environmental charity at Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest.

Celebrating Caribbean heritage and global cultures alike, Tmrw.Tday welcomes a beautiful ensemble of reggae, house, and other musical acts such as Protoje & The Indiggnation Live In Concert, Wolf + Lamb, Toddla T, Chris Blackwell, Gabre Selassie, Yaadcore, Nick Monaco, David Marston, Teflon Zinc Fence, and Echomatik. Attendees will be further captivated by the plethora of experiential offerings such as the 7 Mile Organic Food Festival, the pioneering and ganja inspired 7 Miles of Green, the Marley Coffee Beach Café serving Premium Blue Mountain Coffee, Juice Bar, massage & spa sessions, essential oil treatments, Arts & Crafts exhibit, and an endless amount of beachside activities.

The creators of Tmrw.Tday would like to extend a special thanks to its 2017 Sponsors for their support – Jamaica Tourist Board, Jamaica Experiences & Red Stripe .Plan your journey to a better Tmrw.Tday – Tickets for the weeklong experience are on sale now!

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