The event is called MIFF 2016 and is also known as the MALAYSIA INDIAN FASHION FESTIVAL 2016 organized by an established Malaysian event agency, Fusion Media Productions Sdn. Bhd. MIFF 2016 is the brainchild of Kishvin, the CEO of Fusion Media and together with a group of influential Malaysian people including celebrities, supermodels, well­‐known designers and event producers who share one thing in common­‐ a desire to create a platform that will showcase the many God given talents that exist in our country, and to show how unique Malaysian fashion truly is.If there is one word that summarizes what MIFF 2016 is all about, it would be ‘fusion’. We want to show a fusion of cultures; a fusion of styles; a fusion of high fashion and everyday fashion; and also a fusion of the modern and the traditional. In line with this, our theme for MIFF 2016 is “Trendy­‐tional”, and our tagline is “Where real fashion meets true passion”.


Even though the name might suggest otherwise, Malaysia Indian Fashion Festival is not only about Indian designers. Instead, it is open to any designer who has injected an element of Indian­‐style or Bollywood design, motifs and themes in their design(at least 10%) The reason for this is that we would like MIFF 2016 to show that the cultures of Malaysia are not separate from one another. Malaysia is in fact a diverse country, and our different races and cultures influence each other to create an amazing mash­‐up of styles and designs. This is what makes us unique as a country and this is what we would like to share with the world.


MIFF 2016 will showcase a total of 16 designers in 2 categories.The first being Trendsetter ­‐Emerging which features upcoming designers. The Emerging segment will kick start at 3.30pm with a special handloom showcase which comprises of normal everyday people instead of models . It will be interesting to find outwhat makes handloom so special and how it was the beginning. The main highlight will be the Premier – Elite category which will showcase 9 designers from Malaysia, Singapore, India and Iran. It is the grand gala night that will take place from 7.30p.m onwards. Some of the names we have lined up are Sarvenaz (Iran), Vineetha Goel (India),J Calista (Singapore),Hari Haran, Rasta Rashid, Harsimrit , Joshua Benedict,Mora Laree, Zeel Bridal, SS Couture from Malaysia and many others.

*Kredit photo – Pa Din

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