Mrs Malaysia Planet & Mrs Elite Malaysia International 2013

Pageants for married women were unheard over a decade ago. Today, they are relevant to our rapidly developing society. Women play multifaceted roles effortlessly. Women fulfill their spousal & maternal duties. Women accumulate rich life experiences. Women keep youthful vibrancy. Women make time for community services. They are a source of timeless inspiration and motivation.

Women strive for beauty in the past & over the years, we prove that modern women are now someone who are more self-driven, independent & career motivated. The qualities of crowning glory are destined for those who has a cheerful & pleasant personality, capable in maintaining a healthy lifestyles, able to fulfill their social responsibilities, while bright to care & extend positive vibes to the society through their charitable concerns.

Indeed, it is an exciting event for the contestants to experience, especially for those who has never been exposed in such competition. They should possess the inner beauty, charm, grace, elegance, etiquette as well as projecting the role figure as a mother & an independent women in the society.

International World Pageants was founded in year 2000. The company has grown from a humble pageant company based in Singapore to having representatives throughout South East Asia as well as in China. With a history experience of pageant events, Yinzi Event & Marketing achieves 4 years of great success & has contribute to a lot of charitable organization. Dubbed the 1 Malaysia Charity Organization, Mrs. Malaysia organizer Madam Lim’s objective is to drive along the contestants to devote their love, dedication & care to all Malaysians regardless of race & religion.

The events we produce are catalysts for friendships, tourism & commerce. They are platforms to recognize outstanding South Each Asian individuals. With families coming together to share the joy, pride & excitement of the events makes our continued efforts even more meaningful.

From past history, we had managed to secure International Judges from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia & China. We bring you the much awaited event for 2013 & we titled it “Beauties of Today’s Women”. The top three winners will represent Malaysia to compete for Mrs Planet International in Europe & Mrs South East Asia in Singapore. The event is scheduled to be held in a 6 star hotel, Palace of the Golden Horses on the 18th of May 2013.

credit photo ~ Jason Ng


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