Golden Pouch

Oh!K Programming Highlights – November 2017

With November coming up, Oh!K (Astro Channel 394) has put together a full month of Korea’s much loved dramas!  Catch the premiere of The King 2 Hearts on 2nd November (Thursday) @ 11.00pm, Man Who Sets the Table on 6th November (Monday) @ 7.50pm and Happiness Giver 7th November (Tuesday) @ 9.00pm.

Before you kick start on a brand new journey with our newest dramas, don’t forget to also catch the finale of your favourites; Hospital Ship on 3rd November (Friday) @ 7.50pm, Golden Pouch on 8th November (Wednesday) @ 9.00pm and Children of the 20th Century on 22ndNovember (Wednesday) @ 7.50pm.

Hospital Ship


Thu & Fri, 7.50pm

Looking for a fresh start, Eun Jae starts working a hospital ship- on a life-saving initiative which provides medical services to rural residents. Through working with a team of youth doctors, she grows to understand that life can be simple yet beautiful.

  • Cast:Ha Ji Won, Kang Min Hyuk
  • Subtitles : English, Simplified Chinese & Bahasa Malaysia subtitles
Golden Pouch


Tue – Fri 9.00pm

Having grown up in the United States, Suk Hoon is an outstanding surgeon who is at the peak of this career. After his return to Korea, a series of unfortunate events prompts him to take on a career switch, as he attempts to become an excellent chef.

  • Cast: Kim Ji Han, Hyo Young, Lee Sun Ho, Ahn Nae Sang, Oh Young Shil, Yoo Hye Ri
  • Audio | Subtitles : Mandarin & Bahasa Malaysia audio | English, Simplified Chinese & Bahasa Malaysia subtitles.
The King 2 Hearts


Mon – Fri 11pm

Set in a fictional present day where South Korea is a constitutional monarchy, the show follows the story of Prince Jae-Ha from South Korea, who gets tricked into joining a military collaboration with North Korea..

  • Cast: Ha Ji Won, Lee Seung Gi
  • Audio | Subtitles : Mandarin audio | English, Simplified Chinese & Bahasa Malaysia subtitles.
Man Who Sets the Table


Mon 7.50pm

Lee Roo-Ri attempts to get hired by a big company, but fails in doing so. She travels to a foreign country and ends up meeting Jung Tae-Yang- a free spirited individual who has some baggage of his own. This proves to be a critical turning point in her life.

  • Cast: Suyoung (SNSD), On Joo Wan, Kim Kap Soo, Kim Mi Sook
  • Subtitles : English, Simplified Chinese & Bahasa Malaysia subtitles.
Happiness Giver


Tue – Fri 9.00pm

Long abandoned as a baby, Ha Yoon grew up to be a brilliant child actor under the eye of Eun Hee. However, after finding out about their prodigal son, his biological parents now hope to reap the benefits. Having raised Ha Yoon, Eun Hee won’t let that happen.

  • Cast: Lee Yoon Ji, Son Seung Won, Ha Yeon Joo, Lee Ha Yul
  • Audio | Subtitles : Mandarin & Bahasa Malaysia audio | English, Simplified Chinese & Bahasa Malaysia subtitles.

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