Puteri Gunung Ledang In Concert – Rebirth Of The Legend


pglc2015bigAre you ready for the BIGGEST concert in Istana Budaya, a hybrid multimedia concert never been done on this scale before in Malaysia…

Specially for fans of Puteri Gunung Ledang. Re-experience the iconic and memorable scenes from both the movie and musical.Refreshed, reconstructed, reimagined.

For the first time, your favorite Dream Cast from the movie and musical reunite in a MEGA concert with spectacular choreography, high-energy rich music arrangements, stunning sets and costumes!

Get up close and personal with Gusti Putri, Hang Tuah, Sultan Mahmud and more! Re-live the most magical moments, sing along to your favorite songs, say aloud all your favorite lines from the movie and musical.

Puteri Gunung Ledang In Concert – Rebirth Of The Legend

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Ticketing Information:

Ticket Prices:

RM 76.00, RM 126.00, RM 176.00, RM 216.00, RM 256.00, RM 336.00 & RM 436.00

Note on the Rock zone ~ the RM 176 tickets. For the first time in Istana Budaya, Puteri Gunung Ledang Reunion Concert will introduce a free STANDING AREA. Take note that tickets in the ROCK-ZONE does not provide any seats. It will be a free standing area right in front of the stage, where audiences can sing, scream and dance along with the performers onstage!


Ticketing Hotline: +603 77251166 / +603 41478600
Online Booking: www.tickethotline.com.my/ / www.ticket2u.biz

For More Information:

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Email: csr@enfiniti.com.my
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