Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Flashback

Maya Rudolph (Credit - Comedy Central Asia)

In this month-long celebration of Saturday Night Live’s (SNL) 40th season, we’re reminiscing about our favourite sketches and wondering, “What have the stars been up to?” We’ve also got some exciting news that Michael Che from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has moved over to SNL as co-anchor for the Weekend Update segment this season. In the next SNL episode premiering on 18 October, you can also catch SNL alumni Bill Hader who will be returning as a guest host.

Brand new episodes of SNL Season 40 premiere every Saturday at 11pm (MY) on Comedy Central Asia. Here are some of the most memorable of the SNL Alumni, and where they are now.

1. Chevy Chase

Who better to start the list than SNL’s founding member himself? His Weekend Update skit has continued to this day, with the baton being held by other recent stars such as 30 Rock creator and star, Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyer.

Since leaving the show, Chevy has become a something of a superstar in Hollywood, starring in iconic comedies such as Caddyshack, ¡Three Amigos!, and the National Lampoon series. More recently, Chevy has been plying his trade in the hugely popular TV series, Community.

2. Dan Aykroyd

Some might say his sketches were the show’s most memorable ones, and it’s hard to argue with that. Dan Aykroyd’s sketches Coneheads and Blues Brothers were so popular, they were made into films that should be at the top of anyone’s list of must-watch comedies.

Outside of SNL, Aykroyd wrote and starred in the movie blockbusters, Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II.

3. Jane Curtin

Well-known for her deadpan style, Jane Curtin was paired with Dan Akyroyd as SNL’s Weekend Update anchor, and subsequently with Bill Murray. Jane was also key to the Conehead sketches as she starred as Prymaat Conehead, mother of the Conehead family.

After SNL, the award-winning actress joined the star-studded cast of the iconic 3rd Rock from the Sun TV series, co-starring with John Lithgow, French Stewart, and the hugely talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

4. Dana Carvey

Dana made a name for himself on the show with hilarious impersonations of George Bush and Ross Perot (an American businessman). His Wayne’s World sketches with SNL co-star Mike Myers (Austin Powers) spawned two hit movies.

Since SNL, Dana has had a few TV and film appearances. Dana’s still thereabouts in the industry and you can see his most recent appearance on the Funny or Die sketch, Presidential Reunion.

Rachel Dratch & Will Ferrell (Credit - Comedy Central Asia)

5. Tim Meadows

Tim Meadows was a cast in SNL for nine years, the second-longest stint on the show next to Darrell Hammond. He is most recognised for his character, The Ladies Man, and his impressions of OJ Simpson and Tiger Woods.

After SNL, Tim has played supporting roles in notable Hollywood films such as Mean Girls, Wayne’s World 2 and The Benchwarmers. More recently, Tim co-stars in the TV series, Marry Me. 

6. Chris Parnell

Beyond his plethora of original characters and impressions, Chris was a part of one of the most important sketches in SNL history, “More Cowbell”. He was the only character in the sketch, who did not break out in laughter.

Recently, Parnell lends his voice for the animated series Archer, and he has made guest appearances on 30 Rock.

7. Rachel Dratch

Rachel Dratch’s recurring characters on SNL include Debbie Downer and the Luvahs. More recently, Rachel Dratch has appeared in movies such as Click and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and TV shows such as Monk, 30 Rock, Third Watch, and King of Queens.

8. Rob Riggle

Though Rob Riggle’s stint on SNL was brief, the former United States Marine Corps Reserve officer’s portrayal of Howard Dean, Larry the Cable Guy, Mark McGwire and Toby Keith made him a memorable edition of the cast.

Rob has since starred in popular comedies such as The Hangover, The Other Guys, 21 Jump Street and Step Brothers.

9. Maya Rudolph

A 7-year SNL veteran, Maya became a staple feature on the show through her hilarious portrayals of Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, Diana Ross, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Tina Turner and Whitney Houston.

After leaving SNL, Maya has had a glittering film career in comedy, starring in films such as Bridesmaids, The Way, Way Back, Grown Ups, and landing a starring role in Sam Mendes’ (Skyfall, American Beauty) award-winning drama feature, Away We Go.

10. Will Ferrell

This list would not be complete with Will Ferrell, an absolute monster in comedy who made a name for himself starting out on SNL. You can still check out his audition tape for SNL and get goose bumps realising – he had that je ne sais quoi from the very start.

Will, as you may already know, has taken the world by storm with his unique brand of comedy, starring in comedy’s best films such as Step Brothers, Zoolander, Anchorman, The Other Guys, Blades of Glory, Semi-Pro, Talladega Nights, Bewitched, Old School, Elf, Austin Powers, A Night at the Roxbury, The Campaign, The Lego Movie…we’ve got to stop here but you get the picture!

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