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Xuan Zang: Journey to the West – The Musical takes us back to the historical source of the classic novel, Journey to the West (西游记), and re-establishes its fabled protagonist, Tripitaka, in his true persona – the great and legendary Master Xuan Zang!

It is an entirely original piece of work by the multi-talented Yang Wei Han. His ability and creative genius is demonstrated in his many roles: Producer, Director, Scriptwriter, Musical Director,Composer and Lyricist, Music Arranger, Set Designer, Animator, as well as Singer/Actor taking on the title role of Master Xuan Zang!

In addition to Yang Wei Han, another brilliantly talented and renowned musician, Tay Cher Siang, is the Music Director, Composer and Arranger. His musical genius is certainly not limited to Jazz, for which he has been best known. His solid foundation in music makes this cross-over to Musical Theatre seemingly a cinch as he delivers this splendid piece of work! This is their third collaborative effort together, which is absolutely be well-worth waiting for.

Similarly, well-known choreographer, Leng Poh Gee, has again come on board to contribute his creative talent. He will draw upon both traditional and contemporary dance genres for the choreography; his dancers will be fully integrated as part and parcel of the cast.

This musical relates the epic adventure of a truly great man. To meet the storyline’s demand for spectacular visuals, Han Production has specially solicited the involvement of internationally renowned Master Magician, Mr Leow Fee Loong, to be the Illusion Design Director. He collaborates with well-known Lighting Designer, Lim Ang Swee and Animator, Yang Wei Han, blending the basics of light, shade, form and illusion to create a magical visual experience. The startling effects of magic and illusion put on stage will no doubt amaze and delight.

XuanZang: Journey to the West – The Musical is a bilingual presentation; there are switches between Chinese and English, supported by appropriate surtitled translations. Essentially, it is to reflect the major language changes as Master Xuan Zang immerses into his life in India. The ancient Indian languages of Sanskrit and Pali are represented by English, and the more oriental languages by Mandarin. With the English lyrics and dialogues by Liau Siau Suan enhancing the literary breadth of the musical, we believe this production would appeal to a wider spectrum of theatre audience.


The story began in 7th-century China at the emergence of the Tang Dynasty. For the scriptures, Master Xuan Zang embarked upon a life-threatening journey across deserts and wilderness to India to the historically renowned centre of learning, the World’s first university: Nalanda.

In India, Master Xuan Zang’s superior wisdom and intellect coupled with his earnest attitude and capacity for learning led to him being crowned as the pan-Indian debating champion on philosophical doctrines. His brilliant achievements and reputation became the cause for war between the two most powerful Kings of the day, as they vie for his services. That was a notably historic political incident.

Returning to China after his 17-year sojourn, he became highly regarded by Emperor Tang Tai Chong. However, he did not lose sight of his primary objective, devoting the rest of his life to the translation of 75 volumes, 1335 scrolls of scriptures. He introduced innovative translation methodology and his contribution was second to none. He was dubbed the Buddha of China.

At the request of Emperor, he wrote the important historical document, the Great Tang Records of the Western Regions from his amazing memory! Eight centuries later, during the Ming Dynasty, novelist Wu Chengen drew on its contents for his novel, Journey to the West. Ever since, the image of Master Xuan Zang had been distorted.

After almost a millennium, the history of ancient India and the significant Eight Buddhist Holy Sites were unearthed and re-established, based on the Great Tang Records of the Western Regions. Hence, Buddhists regained their pilgrimage destinations!

This year, Han Production’s staging of Xuan Zang: Journey of the West – the Musical would once again reopen the pages of the Great Tang Records of the Western Regions to recount the true and extraordinary accomplishments of Master XuanZang!

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