ZACHARY KNOWLES Reveals Intimate Take On Self-Doubt New Single “JUST STAY FOR ONCE”

Today, indie pop creator Zachary Knowles releases his newest single “JUST STAY FOR ONCE” via FADER label. Exploring the artist’s personal struggles with mental health, “JUST STAY FOR ONCE” dives into self-doubt and how these feelings can transpire into insecurities that affect romantic relationships. With a chorus driven by fast paced melodies, live-recorded drums, gnarly guitar riffs and passionate electric violin strikes, “JUST STAY FOR ONCE” is art imitating life, mirroring the tension and tenderness of an argument with someone you love, as well as the self-reflection that occurs when figuring out where you went wrong. The narrative is painted crystal clear with his fast paced lyricism, as he sings “You talk about me like I’m not even here / Don’t act like you don’t cause the problems that make me disappear / I know sometimes it seems like I just want you gone gone gone / But don’t think twice, just stay for once” (lyrics from “JUST STAY FOR ONCE”). 

On the inspiration behind “JUST STAY FOR ONCE,” Knowles explains, “I wrote the song as if I was talking to myself. I tend to doubt myself and have these internal “fights” with myself. In “JUST STAY FOR ONCE,” I’m basically telling myself to chill out, and to just stay for a second. To stop doubting myself and relax.”

“Just Stay For Once” will be released alongside an official music video, shot, edited, and directed by Knowles himself. Captured on an old school Sony handycam, viewers adventure with Knowles to an abandoned race track. Shot over the span of a month, the upbeat, driving energy of the song is painted by quick handheld shots, creating the ultimate DIY-feel.

Knowles has stepped into his element with this new wave of indie pop music, continuing to showcase his authenticity and versatility as an artist. The Texas born star’s “JUST STAY FOR ONCE” follows his latest release “CRUSH,” an anthemic, upbeat pop/r&b offering which tells the tale of being caught up in love and not being afraid to admit it. Both singles are from his upcoming EP GOALIE, which were intentionally released back to back in order to emulate the energy of the forthcoming project. Capturing both the good days and the bad, listeners are invited into Zachary Knowles’ world as he navigates his own mental health battles while realizing that oftentimes he’s acting as his own goalie, holding himself back from personal growth. GOALIE showcases his most personal work to date; it’s clear that in 2022, Knowles is no longer holding himself back from making the music he loves, and is putting his heart on the line for all who listen.

Zachary Knowles is getting cozy and going steady with this new era of his artistry. With over 70M global streams, 1M+ monthly listeners on Spotify, and a dedicated fan base of 100k+ across social media, Knowles invites listeners into his world through his unique ability to connect with fans through his touching records, telling his story the only way he knows how. GOALIE will be released October 14th, 2022. Pre-order GOALIE here.

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