Armin Only Embrace in Jakarta and Singapore

The Armin Only Embrace has added Jakarta and Singapore to the 2017 global tour. The Grammy-nominated Dutch DJ/producer Armin van Buuren and

internationally acclaimed artistes (Mr. Probz, Kensington, Eric Vloeimans & Cimo Fränkel, Angel Taylor, BullySongs and Betsie Larkin) are set to perform in Jakarta’s Jiexpo Kemayoran (March 31, 2017) and Singapore at The Meadow, Gardens By The Bay (March 31, 2017).The announcement of the Jakarta and Singapore leg of the world tour adds to the legendary sold-out shows in Marbella, Spain; Sofia, Bulgaria; Jerusalem, Israel; Istanbul, Turkey; Minsk, Belarus; Mexico City, Mexico and more.

Armin Only Embrace in Jakarta and Singapore are the only two Southeast Asian line-up next year. The world tour is a culmination of the five-time (DJ Mag) world No. 1 DJ’s long-time collaborations with different artists, embracing various styles and music genres. This is the cinematic presentation of van Buuren’s vast and eclectic body of work, which is the crux of Armin Only Embrace.Fans can expect a rather different journey at these shows this time round. Armin Only Embrace is a musical exploration of a brand new world tour, as van Buuren ignites an electrifying fourhour spectacular with a cast of musicians, presenting a myriad of electronic and live sounds, set against the backdrop of a theatrical multi-million dollar production of dazzling lights and pyros that is set to awe fans.


Presenting not just electronic music, pop, hip hop, jazz, house and rock music will also take centre stage. Both events are expected to draw a cross section of music fans as it did in other cities.


van Buuren describes his upcoming shows as one that will be of a multi-sensory experience. He says: “It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever done. It’s theatre meets

performance arts and electronic music, as the show combines elements from theatre, dance, singers, live music and more. I’m very excited to bring this to Jakarta and Singapore, as it is very different from what music fans have seen or heard so far.”In Jakarta, the show is organised by The Livescape Group and Euphorics Events. The Livescape Group is an established Singapore/Kuala Lumpur headquartered youthcentric music and creative events group of companies, while the Jakarta-based Euphorics Events brings quality and unique music acts in Indonesia.

In Singapore, the event is organised by The Multiply in collaboration with The Livescape Group and ALDA Events. The Multiply is a Singapore-based integrated creative lifestyle outfit focused on creating new and innovative experiences. ALDA Events is a Dutch-based events agency that has organised over 160 shows in more than 33 countries.Adds Muhammad Iqbal ,Group CEO of The Livescape Group: “This is a high octane and world-class conceptual production that’s not to be missed. Armin Only Embrace is van Buuren’s biggest production to date of the critically-acclaimed world tour with powerhouse performances from a prodigious collective of guest artistes.”

One of the many highlights of Armin Only Embrace is his vinyl set in Part 2 of the show – a throwback to van Buuren’s beginnings.

Armin van Buuren returns in 2016 with a new world tour as a man driven by an unbridled and relentless passion for music.The new tour is called ARMIN ONLY EMBRACE based on Armin’s new album, which was released this fall. Embrace, the new album from Armin van Buuren, embraces a wide variety of musical styles; the rocky sound of Kensington, the jazzy sound of Eric Vloeimans’ trumpet, Mr Probz and his hip hop voice.

On my new album Embrace, I am trying to express the feeling how I experience a world full of music. As a DJ/producer, I want to connect people to this world full of inspiring combinations. An endless universe of possibilities is waiting to be embraced. Everything is possible. The way I listen to music is the same way I approach life – with open arms, accepting all that’s unfamiliar and different. Being surprised by something unknown every single day; like a new idea, a different culture, or an encounter with an unfamiliar person. In that world, I can be myself and embrace all new experiences.

Let’s venture into uncharted territory, starting this brand new adventure together. Embrace.

Armin Only Embrace is a solo set by Armin van Buuren with live performances of internationally acclaimed artists as Mr. Probz, Kensington, Eric Vloeimans, Cimo Fränkel, Betsie Larkin, Angel Taylor and BullySongs. The Armin Only Embrace world tour is closely related to Armin van Buuren’s latest artist album, ‘Embrace’, in which the five-time #1 DJ of the world embraces different styles, genres, and sounds through collaborations with a wide range of internationally acclaimed artists.

The majority of these artists, including Mr. Probz, Kensington, Eric Vloeimans, Cimo Fränkel, Betsie Larkin, Angel Taylor and BullySongs will accompany the world-renowned DJ and producer on tour. Armin Only Embrace is a dance event like none other. It is where theatre and dance music merge into one immersive show.

In Jakarta, the event is organised by TheLivescape Group and Euphorics Events. InSingapore, it is organised by The Livescape Group and The Multiply.

AGE: 18+

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