OPPO R7 Plus SOLD OUT In Malaysia

OPPO R7 Plus SOLD OUT In Malaysia | It has been predicted that the OPPO R7 Plus is bound to make a wonder in Malaysia from all of the positive demands and responses being received locally. Up until yesterday, the local headquarter received report that the sales is astonishingly impressive as all the R7 Plus units have been cleared out over the weekend.

The R7 series was being launched locally on 7th July 2015 with the R7 Plus available only in gold version. Nonetheless, the colour availability of R7 Plus doesn’t limit OPPO Malaysia headquarter from getting more than 1,500 pre-orders, setting a remarkable record for the local headquarter.

With its out-of-stock status, it is proven that the R7 Plus is OPPO’s flagship killer in this year. OPPO Malaysia is now restocking with more R7 Plus to meet the high demand in Malaysia market.

In the meantime, R7, the sibling of R7 Plus and R7 Lite which touched down on 12th August 2015 is also doing well in Malaysia market. More than half of the units have been sold out with outstanding reviews and feedbacks. Customers have expressed their fondness on the premium metallic unibody which feel perfect to fit in one’s hand.


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