Thursday , February 2 2023

Passengers on Firefly Flights Soon to Have Some Mak’Cik KARIPAP

The Marketing & Communications team of Firefly Airlines together with their CEO, Ignatius Ong “ambushed” Subang SkyPark Terminal early this week to give away 1000 pieces of Mak’Cik KARIPAPs to all those who were at the airport.

As a way of introducing the latest complimentary refreshment that will be served on board starting 4 September 2017, the airline staff distributed the neatly packed Mak’Cik KARIPAP loaded with chicken and potatoes to all Firefly passengers & ground staff, non-Firefly passengers & ground staff, SkyPark Terminal tenants and also to the lunch crowd that was there.

It was a True Malaysian scene at the airport with the team wearing kain batik, kain pelikat, songkok, pottu and giving away the karipaps from a basket just like the good old days. Supplied by the Sydney Cake House, these karipaps are a permanent feature on all Firefly flights.

As the scene was getting intense with many passengers, especially children asking for more Mak’Cik karipap, “Who doesn’t know karipap. It’s Merdeka soon and Firefly wants you to have our all new karipap, the pride of Malaysian Kuih. We are giving out at SkyPark now, grab yours!” could be heard being announced at the back.

Ignatius Ong spoke of the Firefly customer value proposition, “We are who we preach we are and that is a #TrueMalaysian airline with incredible values and almost like a full-service carrier in terms of its premium services. Don’t worry, the Ngan Yin peanuts, muffins and cakes will still remain in the list of choices.”

“As a #TrueMalaysian airline, we need to help cultivate and spread patriotism. At the same time, to always put our values such as sharing, understanding, forgiving and many more to practice. True Malaysian airline, true Malaysian Kuih and finally a true Malaysian way of sharing in conjunction with Merdeka and Malaysia Day,” added Ong.

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