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The 2023 Putrajaya Wushu Championship was staged successfully at the Midpoint Shopping Centre in Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur over the two-day weekend

The second edition of the much anticipated and well-participated competition was organised by Persekutuan Wushu WP Putrajaya and co-organised by Tactical Stunt Production, E Martial Art, Wushu Sport Academy & Wonder Wushu Academy.

Among the main VIP guests attending and officiating the opening ceremony of the competition were Persekutuan Wushu WP Putrajaya President Chew Gaik King, it’s Vice President Tan Teck Keong and its Secretary Chew Ken Meng.

The two-day competition which was divided into junior categories on the first day and the open categories on the second day saw strong and active participation from wushu enthusiasts from across the nation. The well-received competition was held to raise awareness and to attract more young people to the art of wushu.

Wushu is a well-known Chinese martial arts form with a long history believed to date back to more than 5,000 years ago. Wushu which integrates concepts and forms from various traditional and contemporary Chinese martial arts, including Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Wudangquan, was first brought to Malaysia by Chinese immigrants but only started to gain limited popularity as a a physical activity in the early sixties, slowly rising to prominence in the seventies. By the nineties, wushu had developed into various forms of practice, each with its own focus and goals, including health and well-being to traditional culture and skills, and eventually becoming one of the core sports in the country.

Wushu in the early days in Malaysia was more of a leisure exercise that did not generate much interest among the population. It was hard to get people involved, as its emphasis was more on strong self-discipline but thanks to the passion and commitment of associations such as the Persekutuan Wushu WP Putrajaya, things have changed tremendously over the years.

Today, wushu ranks as one of the biggest sports in the country and is featured in the SEA and Asian Games. The Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) is also working with various national bodies to get the sport recognised for the 2024 Olympic Games.

Over its long history, wushu has developed into numerous distinct styles and systems, each incorporating its own techniques, tactics, principles and methods, as well as the use of a wide variety of traditional weaponry. Patrons who visited the Midpoint Shopping Centre over the weekend got to watch it first-hand as hundreds of its proponents, young and old gathered to showcase their martial arts skills in various disciplines.

The competition at the Midpoint Shopping Complex was divided into two main disciplines – taolu (routines competition) which has been recognised as a school co-curricular activity since 1999 and sandas (full-contact combat competition).

Participants had a chance to showcase their skills in the barehanded categories such as Changquan (long fist), Nanquan (Southern fist) and Tai Chi, short weapons categories such as Daoshu (broad sword), Jianshu (straight sword) and nandao (Southern broadsword) among others, and long weapons such as Gunshu (cudgel), Qiangshu (spear) and Nangun (Southern cudgel).

The skills and dedication exhibited by the participants during the competition were extremely high. It was especially impressive to see the strong showing from the junior participants who exuded confidence and demonstrated impressive skills and great focus during the junior competition, many of whom, may one day make Malaysia proud on the global stage.

The competition was sponsored by Midpoint Shopping Centre and supported by Vipers & AP Entertainment.

Persekutuan Wushu WP Putrajaya is located at:

183-3, Jalan Lanchang, Taman Seri Bahtera,
Cheras, 56100, Kuala Lumpur

Contact Numbers:

603-9131 6820
603-9132 9928(F)

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