ASTRO Brings 50-Hour Live Broadcast of 2016 THAIPUSAM

Astro Ulagam is set to capture the 2016 Thaipusam celebration in its entire splendour and bring it to audiences worldwide with a 50-hour non-stop LIVE broadcast on Astro Ulagam website and Facebook page.

For the first time, audiences can catch the kaleidoscope of Thaipusam festival not only in Malaysia (Batu Caves-Kuala Lumpur, Thanneermalai-Penang and Kallumalai-Ipoh), but also in Sri Lanka (Nallur, Innuvil and Kathirkamam) and India (Palani) on Astro Ulagam from 22nd to 24th January 2016.

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For the 2015 Thaipusam festival, a record number of audiences from Malaysia and countries such as India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, to name a few, tuned in to Astro Ulagam. Astro Ulagam garnered a 41.4 million Facebook reach and set a new entry in the Malaysia Book of Record as the ‘Highest Reach on Facebook for LIVE Streaming of Tamil Programme’. This year, Astro Ulagams aspires to set a Guinness World Record for the ‘Longest Uninterrupted LIVE Webcast (Video)’ with a 50-hour LIVE Streaming of the 2016 Thaipusam celebration. Scholars Dr. K.Thilagawathi and Kartheges Ponniah will also share the essence of “Thirumurugaatrupadai” with Astro Ulagam viewers during LIVE Streaming of Thaipusam 2016 celebrations.

Meanwhile, images posted on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with hash tag #VetriVel2016 will be featured on Astro Ulagam website. They will also be displayed on Astro’s LED outdoor display screens in Batu Caves and Penang, allowing on-site audiences to be part of the global celebration.

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Astro will also be setting up booths in Batu Caves and Penang during the festival for customers to learn more about Astro’s special promotions, including FREE PVR upgrade, complimentary shopping voucher for subscribing to selected packages and getting a second Astro set-top-box at home at a special price.

Astro subscribers can enjoy LIVE coverage of Thaipusam 2016 festival on Astro Vinmeen HD and Vaanavil channels with Professor Dr G. Gnanasambandam as scholarly commentator. In addition, Astro will be airing six episodes of a 30-minute ‘THIRUMURUGAATRUPADAI’ programme from 18th to 23rd January 2016. This programme features prominent religious speaker Suki Sivam and Desa Mangayarkarasi narrating Thirumurugaatrupadai, which highlights six abodes of Lord Murugan and the essence of Thaipusam celebration.

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